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Art portal!? OH HAPPY DAY!

2009-06-20 21:08:45 by reavenhart

An ART PORTAL! that's freaking awesome! i can finally post up some of my artwork without having to put it up on teh forums! not that i mind it's just really lengthy!!1!

i also hope to see other people post their work, especially those who excel in flash. if you can draw good in flash, you gotta be really good in something else (tries to draw in flash too hard >...> )

I'm ecstatic to see artwork and stuff on the front page and see just what the people like and want!

well anyways while i'm off being all giddy like a school girl, please see some of my art and PLEASE SCOUT ME!

Art portal!? OH HAPPY DAY!

hey guys it's reavenhart. good news! acutally 2 good newses. one is that i'm gettting flash CS3 at my home so i can work more on fantastic flash animations hooray! so for the people who saw revenge of the green, i promise to deliver more quality work and to give you something to awe at!

as for the second bit of news i'm running a little OC tournament that i like to call "THE IRON ANGEL CRUSADE!"

i'm hoping to get some really good characters. all i'm asking for is a reference sheet, a flash or a comic audition and i wil enter the top 12 entrees! the matches will take place like so

for the scenarios, each characters village, homeland, hiding place, etc. will be visited by a mysterious stranger. they will be challenged by this stranger and will be given the opprotunity to fight for a place in a competition for a shot at the new king of earth. the new "iron angel", who's granted powers give him the power to work miracles and make storms and give life. they will also be given a worthy title of being worshipped as the iron angel. a personal army, and tons of powers. what's a person to do with those? as for the examiners each person will be assigne d a examiner as soo as i get all 12 entrees. please enter i'm really stoked about this idea. and good luck

btw i just need a flash ref or comic. I WILL BE ANIMATING THE ENTIRE THING!

thank you and good day