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Art portal!? OH HAPPY DAY!

2009-06-20 21:08:45 by reavenhart

An ART PORTAL! that's freaking awesome! i can finally post up some of my artwork without having to put it up on teh forums! not that i mind it's just really lengthy!!1!

i also hope to see other people post their work, especially those who excel in flash. if you can draw good in flash, you gotta be really good in something else (tries to draw in flash too hard >...> )

I'm ecstatic to see artwork and stuff on the front page and see just what the people like and want!

well anyways while i'm off being all giddy like a school girl, please see some of my art and PLEASE SCOUT ME!

Art portal!? OH HAPPY DAY!


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2009-06-22 16:21:56

Try submitting more than one piece of art if you are trying to get get scouted.I make it a rule to only scout people with at least three pieces of art.

reavenhart responds:

i understand what you mean. ive reflected on myself and my work and plan on improving my style as well as maybe digging into my old stuff to see what i can improve.

as for taking the time to come see it, you have my gratitude and for letting me know what i did wrong in the forums i've utmost respect.